Managing exposure to electromagnetic fields in Strasbourg

Publié le 10 July 2023

French local authorities are faced with the issue of how to manage their citizens’ exposure to electromagnetic fields, a subject that is causing growing public concern. The proliferation of wireless technologies has led to a significant increase in exposure to electromagnetic fields, and many citizens are expressing legitimate concerns about their potential impact, particularly in terms of health…

Local authorities therefore have a role to play… But how can this issue be managed? Discover a summary of the actions taken by the Strasbourg Eurometropolis to inspire you with good practice, and don’t hesitate to consult the full dossier on the Exem website to find out more.

Visuel des toits de Strasbourg avec antenne

Better manage your local authority's exposure to electromagnetic fields

In response to these concerns, the Strasbourg Eurometropolis has adopted a proactive approach to managing exposure to electromagnetic fields by:

  • Managing the siting of mobile phone base stations in the area in accordance with the charter drawn up following a citizens’ conference. Among other things, this led to the creation of forums for dialogue with the operators.
  • Carrying out electromagnetic field measurement campaigns in sensitive areas (schools, hospitals, crèches, etc.), funded by the French National Frequencies Agency (ANFR).
  • Simulating exposure in the area using dedicated software (such as Geomod’s MithraREM) to reveal potential emission levels before relay antennas are actually installed.
  • Deploying sensors to measure electromagnetic fields in real time across its territory using the EMF Observatory solution.
  • Increasing communication through information campaigns and the provision of online resources (DIM, etc.). The watchword being transparency.

Managing exposure to electromagnetic fields is therefore a major challenge for local authorities. By adopting a proactive approach, raising public awareness, putting in place preventive measures and encouraging collaboration between the various stakeholders, it is possible to manage this issue responsibly while working for the environmental health of the local area.

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