Continuous electromagnetic field measurements to reassure Avignon residents

Publié le 31 October 2023

Vue du Palais des Papes à Avignon

The city of Avignon has been proactive in addressing its citizens’ concerns about 5G. Faced with the benefits of this technology, but also with concerns about its possible effects on health, the municipality has taken a bold initiative. It has set up a project to install sensors to measure electromagnetic fields in real time across its territory.

The aim is to collect concrete data to inform and reassure residents about the levels of exposure to electromagnetic field in their neighbourhoods. This transparent approach was partly prompted by the concerns expressed by residents themselves. Open communication between residents and local authorities has played a key role in the deployment of the Electromagnetic Field Observatory.

Three sensors are currently operational, covering residential, commercial and public areas of the city. The data collected is made available via a dedicated online portal, enabling the citizens of Avignon to consult the levels of exposure to electromagnetic fields in their area.

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