All about the EMF Observatory

In the context of the very rapid digital transformation of our society, the EMF Observatory is an impartial tool that sheds light on the societal debate that sometimes opposes economic development issues to environmental and public health concerns.

Citizen of the Wave Observatory

How does the EMF Observatory work?

  • This service is based on a network of intelligent and communicating sensors which measure and make the data accessible in real time by the general public (several measurements are carried out daily).
  • A website provides access to the measurements. This electromagnetic fields monitoring tool is intended to support local authorities to enable them to provide answers to questions from the population about their exposure to electromagnetic fields.

Why deploy the EMF Observatory in the territories?

The EMF Observatory makes it possible to monitor over time the evolution of the level of exposure linked to the deployment of the fleet of antennas and the increase in the use of the network. 

Deployed at the scale of a city, such a device for supervising electromagnetic fields testifies the will of elected representatives to provide transparency to citizens and to act in accordance with the recommendations of ANSES .

Thus the inhabitants and actors of the territories benefiting from the EMF Observatory, can continuously access all the measurements from a dedicated website

How is the EMF Observatory installed in the cities that request it?

The locations of the sensors are defined in collaboration with the city services , by studying the sites located near transmitters, nurseries, schools, etc. or even assembly sites and high traffic.


Exem coordinates the installation of the sensors with the city services in charge of the maintenance of the furniture selected for the installation. Most lampposts offer suitable support for optimal installation.

The sensors perform the measurements by combining all the sources emitting electromagnetic fields (telephone antennas, wifi and radio broadcasts) then transmit the data in real time to the website of the EMF Observatory.


Throughout its support, Exem, the independent French company which administers the EMF Observatory, refuses any installation of sensors motivated by a desire to minimize actual exposure levels. Whatever the sites identified for installing the sensors, Exem ensures the relevance of the position of the sensors in order to supervise the maximum possible field levels.

What do the sensors of the EMF Observatory measure?

A global measure

Designed by Exem, the sensors perform global measurements of all radiocommunication emissions. These include telephone antennas, wifi, FM radio and DTT.

Easy to consult

An average of the measurements is calculated over a period of 6 minutes, at different times of the day and night. They are communicated and displayed in real time on the sensor measurement curves. You can also consult the maximum, minimum and average values ​​since the date of installation of the sensors and modify the periods in order to visualize the variations.

Fluctuation monitoring

For example, higher levels are commonly seen during the day because there is more traffic on radiocommunication networks. Finally, by selecting long periods you will be able to observe the fluctuations linked to the evolution of the electromagnetic environment.


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