Blois, 5 continuous electromagnetic field measurement sensors

Publié le 25 September 2023

ville de blois

Faced with growing concerns about exposure to electromagnetic fields and the deployment of 5G technology, the town of Blois has taken steps to protect its citizens while promoting technological progress.

Blois town council initially backed a request for a moratorium on 5G installations in order to assess any possible health effects. Unfortunately, this request was rejected by the government. The town therefore opted for a constructive approach, working with operators Bouygues, SFR and Free to draw up a charter governing the deployment of 5G antennas.

The main terms of the charter

  • Ensure ongoing consultation between operators and the City of Blois
  • Ensure good digital coverage of the entire area
  • Ensure that citizens are kept fully and transparently informed
  • Be informed of the choice of sites in order to find the best compromise
  • Apply the principle of sobriety by limiting public exposure to electromagnetic fields and maintaining quality of service
  • Install continuous measurement sensors to monitor exposure to electromagnetic fields in real time. Citizens can consult this data via the EMF Observatory map.

    To find out more about initiatives to manage electromagnetic fields in Blois, read the article: Blois, a town committed to managing electromagnetic fields in its area.
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