Electromagnetic field supervision at Tours Métropole Val de Loire

Publié le 21 August 2023

ondes électromagnétiques : vue aérienne de Tours Métropole

Tours Métropole Val de Loire has distinguished itself by its commitment to the responsible management of electromagnetic fields for over 15 years. Through its EMF observatory, it assesses and informs the public about the electromagnetic fields emitted by base stations.

As part of the roll-out of 5G, the city has initiated a collaborative study called “5G, Parlons-en!” (Let’s talk about 5G!), leading to 43 concrete recommendations to better understand the impact of the technology. An action plan, “5G, Agissons!” (Let’s take action), drawn up by elected representatives, will guide the measures from 2022 to 2025. This initiative also responds to responsible digital issues and the fight against digital poverty.

Measuring electromagnetic fields in real time using EXEM sensors

The observatory has been strengthened with the installation of five permanent sensors in 2023 in strategic locations, adding to the information already available to the public. This data will help us to better understand variations in electromagnetic fields in relation to local activities. The future holds new and innovative approaches to assessing and mapping these fields across the region.

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