Beyond 5G project: AI and monitoring of exposure to electromagnetic fields

Publié le 3 November 2022

gare de massy

On 12 April 2022, Telecom Paris and Massy town council signed a partnership agreement to install electromagnetic field exposure sensors in the area around Massy RER station. This innovative project, called Beyond 5G, uses artificial intelligence to monitor the public’s exposure to electromagnetic fields in real time.

Informing and using AI for monitoring

The Beyond 5G project was presented at the signing ceremony by the head of the C2M Chair, Professor Joe Wiart. He highlighted two major objectives:

  • Firstly, these sensors will provide the public with real-time information on their exposure to electromagnetic fields in the Massy RER area via the dedicated website:
  • Secondly, the project aims to explore the use of artificial intelligence in conjunction with other data from the ANFR’s Cartoradio site ( to proactively monitor public exposure.

The Beyond 5G project and electromagnetic field sensors

This initiative is part of the “Beyond 5G” research project, in which Telecom Paris plays a leading role. The Beyond 5G project is a component of the recovery plan focused on “Sovereignty in telecommunications networks to accelerate 5G applications in vertical markets”.

The sensors, supplied by EXEM, are lightweight (weighing just 1.2kg), energy-independent broadband devices. They will take measurements more than 12 times a day, transmitting the data in real time to a server via a network of communicating objects.

Accessibility of results

The sensors were installed on Monday 26 April at a height of 4 metres by the technical services of the town of Massy. They were subjected to a test phase lasting around 15 days to check that they were working properly. At the end of this period, the results were made available on a web platform that can be consulted at

This partnership between Telecom Paris and Massy town council represents a significant advance in the monitoring of electromagnetic exposure, combining cutting-edge technologies and artificial intelligence to protect public health while promoting the development of next-generation telecommunications networks.

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